New story “The High Cost of Heat” coming this Sunday

My new story “The High Cost of Heat” is coming to The Sunday Morning Transport very soon — June 2, 2024! Edited to add: Now out, link here!

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“The High Cost of Heat” returns us to the world of “The Waters of Versailles” which was a finalist for the Nebula and World Fantasy awards in 2016.

In a formal Versailles reception room, with many paintings on the surrounding walls, Kelly (a red haired woman in glasses, wearing a black and white dress, black leggings, black jacket, and red Blundstone boots) strikes a goofy, one legged pose.
Me in Versailles!

Stories in The Sunday Morning Transport are all a maximum of 3500 words, which is a challenging length for me. I think I hit it, though, and managed a very satisfying story with a killer ending.

This weekend I’ll be in NYC for a whirlwind trip, arriving Friday evening and leaving on Sunday morning. I’m excited to know my story will be out in the world as I’m making my way back home! I hope you enjoy “The High Cost of Heat.”